Actually, Pretty Innocuous

ozimodo 1.2 comes fully loaded with an ambitious and ambiguous REST API. With it you can find out recent posts, information on a specific post, tags, posts with a certain tag, etc. You can also use the API to make a new post, with the right credentials.

Currently, the only known application utilizing the API is the command line tumbler oz included with ozimodo. There’s no reason the party should stop there, though.

Accept, Yes

The ozimodo API delivers three different payloads, depending on your accept header:

Standard Rails stuff, by now. We’d like to write more documentation, but the api_controller.rb in ozimodo, together with oz, practically documents itself.

If you’re interested in writing an application to interface with ozimodo’s API and need some assistance or have questions, please e-mail chris[at]ozmm[dot]org and your message will be given a high priority.